Create Shares

Prior to StorNext NAS 1.2.0, an administrator would have to create the directories being shared before issuing the share add command. Now you can issue the share create command to simultaneously create a directory and its share.

After issuing the share create command to create your first share, you can use the share add command to continue to add shares to the directory.

Default Ownership Settings

In addition to creating a directory to be shared, the share create command assigns default ownership settings. If you have configured your StorNext NAS System to use ADS, the share directories will have the UID and GID of the AD administrator user. For all other authentication schemes, directories created with share create are owned by the sysadmin user.


If you use AD authentication with the RFC2307 idmap option, you cannot use the share create command. See NAS Share Tips and FAQs.

Caution: StorNext NAS manages the smb.conf and /etc/exports files on yourStorNext NAS System. Any edits made directly to either of these files will be lost when the StorNext NAS System is restarted, or when changes are made using any of the share commands.