Access the Console Command Line

StorNext Connect Manage NAS App vs. StorNext NAS

If you are configuring StorNext NAS for Xcellis WFD, M44x, or M66x, you can use the StorNext Connect Manage NAS application to perform supported tasks. If — after using the Manage NAS app — you use the console command line interface to issue StorNext NAS commands, make sure to (re)import the NAS configuration into StorNext Connect.

See the Manage NAS section of the StorNext Connect Documentation Center.

You will use a console command line interface (CLI) to manage StorNext NAS. Access the console command line from an SecureShell (SSH) client in one of the following ways:

sysadmin Password

StorNext NAS is installed with a special administrator user account, sysadmin. The password for the sysadmin user account is randomly generated during installation, and you must change it before performing any administrative steps.