Quantum Appliance Licenses

StorNext Licenses (Pre-Installed or Installed During System Installation)

The following permanent StorNext licenses are factory-installed, factory-licensed, and included in the base price of Xcellis Workflow Director (WFD) , M660 , M440 , M330 , Pro Foundation , Artico , and G300 systems. No further action is required to enable these factory-installed licenses.

Note: Do not mix auto-generated/evaluation and permanent licenses. When one or more permanent licenses are entered in StorNext, all auto-generated/evaluation licenses are deleted. If an auto-generated or evaluation license period is used to evaluate new features, be aware that any remaining time on those licenses is lost as soon as one or more permanent licenses is entered. Maintenance and LAN Client licenses can be mixed with other types of licenses. After permanent licenses are entered, do not install an evaluation license.

SAN Client License

A StorNext SAN Client enables a host computer to mount a StorNext file system with direct block-level access to the disk arrays using Fibre Channel or iSCSI connections. The StorNext file system is licensed on a per-client basis. Any machine that directly mounts the file system is considered a client.

Includes 10 file system SAN clients available to the user for any supported OS. This count includes one SAN client required for each server node. Additional licenses may be purchased separately.

Includes one SAN client license for the Xcellis Foundation, Xcellis Workflow Director, aiWARE for Xcellis, Xcellis Workflow Extender, Artico, Pro Foundation, M660, M440, M330, and G300 system.

LAN Client License

StorNext LAN Clients use IP protocols to read and write data to the StorNext File System through Quantum appliances that can operate as a StorNext LAN Gateway. You must have a LAN Client license for each LAN Client you intend to use with StorNext (in addition to any SAN Client licenses).

Note: For Quantum appliances that can operate as a StorNext LAN Gateway, LAN Clients are referred to as Gateway Clients, and are not licensed on a "per-seat" basis. See the StorNext LAN Gateway License.

Failover (HA) License

A Failover HA (High Availability) license enables automated failover from the primary server node to the secondary server node, in the event of a primary server node failure. This license is available for either File System only or Storage Manager environments. One HA license is required for each server node pair. The HA license is applied to both server nodes. In addition to the client licenses applied to each server node, a third client must be installed in is also required to ensure proper failover functionality. This client can be one that is already accessing a StorNext file system. However, this third client must be purchased separately. See the StorNext File System Client Mount Requirement.

Includes one HA license. The HA license enables automated failover from the server node operating as the primary to the server node operating as secondary, in the event of a primary server node failure.

Distributed Data Mover (DDM) License

A DDM license is required to retrieve data using additional servers besides the system functioning as a StorNext metadata controller (MDC). This license is available only for Storage Manager environments, and is required for each DDM host.

Note: Each DDM host also requires one File System SAN Client license, in addition to the DDM license.

Note: The DDM license cannot be applied to G300 , or Pro Foundation systems. However, the server nodes may offload processing activities to another StorNext SAN client configured and supported to operate as a Distributed Data Mover host.

Includes one DDM license, which allows the secondary server node to function as a DDM host.

Storage Manager License

StorNext Storage Manager is licensed based on the capacity of data stored to secondary tiers of storage (Tape or Storage Disk).

For StorNext 5 releases 5.4 and later, a Storage Manager manager license provides full access to the base functionality of StorNext Storage Manager.

Support for non-Quantum object storage on public or private clouds are licensed using the annual capacity-based subscription model (see the FlexTierâ„¢ subscription licenses).

For StorNext 5 releases up to and including 5.3.x, a Storage Manager license provides full access to the data management capabilities of Storage Manager.

Xcellis Workflow Director systems include a 10TB Storage Manager license. StorNext Storage Manager for Xcellis Workflow Director is licensed based on the capacity of data stored to secondary tiers of storage (Tape or Storage Disk) and provides full access to the base StorNext Storage Manager functionality. Object Storage and Q-Cloud use Storage Manager technology, but are licensed separately.

Maintenance License

A Maintenance license is associated with the expiration date of your current service contract. A valid Maintenance License is required to enable StorNext software upgrades. This license is a time-based license key that expires on the same date as the maintenance contract. Each time the maintenance contract is extended, a new maintenance license key is generated.

Note: License enforcement is based on the date of the software to which you are upgraded, regardless of the current date. For example, if your maintenance license key is valid between January 16th, 2017 and January 16th, 2018, you could upgrade to a software version that is released prior to the expiration date of the maintenance license (and of the associated underlying service contract) expiration date, but not to a version released after January 16th, 2018.

The Maintenance License comes with 12 months of Bronze-level support. At the time of installation, the Maintenance License is generally updated to correspond exactly to the duration of your service contract.

Gateway Licenses

The following two gateway license types, Appliance Controller and StorNext LAN Gateway are supported as described below:

NAS License

A NAS license is used to enable Network File Sharing (NFS) and Server Message Block (SMB) sharing of StorNext file systems using Quantum-supplied NFS and SMB software.

Additional Resources

For StorNext Connect configuration, see the StorNext Connect Documentation Center at www.quantum.com/sncdocs.

For Appliance Controller configuration, see the Appliance Controller Documentation Center at www.quantum.com/accdocs.

StorNext LAN Gateway License

This license, which is enabled (manual configuration, not done in the factory) during system configuration of the Xcellis Workflow Extender (WFE) or by default on the StorNext G300 Gateway Appliance , allows the system to operate as a StorNext LAN Gateway. Once the license is installed and gateway configuration on the system is done, on Xcellis Workflow Director (WFD), Xcellis WFE, and M660 systems, the system can operate as a StorNext LAN Gateway; the servers operating as a pair of active-active StorNext SAN clients (for Xcellis WFD and M660 systems) or the system acts as a single LAN Gateway server (for Xcellis WFE and G300 systems) that provides StorNext LAN client access to StorNext File Systems (snfs).

The Gateway license allows adding LAN-based clients to the StorNext configuration without having to purchase additional "per-seat" licenses. This license allows as many LAN client connections as can be accommodated by the throughput of the Gateway system itself.

Note: The StorNext GUI provides a Gateway metrics report on an Xcellis WFD system or an metadata appliance monitoring the gateway for systems configured as StorNext LAN Gateways.

Note: The M662 may only operate as a StorNext LAN Gateway when not connected to a Lattus system.

Note: There is a maximum of one StorNext LAN Gateway License supported per StorNext cluster that contains one or more Xcellis WFD systems.

The Licenses Page in the StorNext GUI

The two parts of the Gateway license displayed in the StorNext GUI of the StorNext system monitoring the Gateways:

Gateway Licensed MDC - This is the Gateway license as shown on the license page of the GUI for supported systems. The Gateway license used on those systems is identical to the license on Xcellis Workflow Extenders and the G300, with the same features and restrictions. The license is shown as active (green indicator) only when the Gateway functionality has been enabled on the host system.

Gateway Client - All installed Gateway LAN clients used in conjunction with the Gateway license are displayed as "Gateway client" in the Gateway Metrics report in the StorNext GUI of the system operating as or monitoring the Gateway.

Additional StorNext Feature Licenses

The following licenses are optional and are licensed separately:

Data Deduplication License

The StorNext Deduplication license is not supported on Xcellis Foundation, Xcellis Workflow Director, aiWARE for Xcellis, Xcellis Workflow Extender, Artico, Pro Foundation, M660, M440, M330, and G300.

Note: Do not purchase or try to install the Deduplication license for these systems.

Data Replication License

Replication is only supported for Xcellis Workflow Director, M660 and M330 systems.

Replication is not supported on Xcellis Workflow Extender, M440, Pro Foundation, Artico, or G300 systems, so the StorNext Replication license is not supported.

A replication license is required if you want to use the StorNext Data Replication feature. Replication is licensed on a per-MDC (or MDC pair) basis. If replication is used between multiple MDC sets, each MDC set must have a replication license. If deduplication is used in conjunction with replication, a separate deduplication license is also required.

Note: There are two types of replication licenses - the File System only Replication license, and the Storage Manager replication license. If Storage Manager is in use on the MDCs, t he Storage Manager replication license must be purchased even if the file system being replicated is not managed.

Object Storage/SNSM Wide Area Storage License

The Object Storage license specifies the amount of data that StorNext Storage Manager can place onto a Quantum Lattus object store platform.

The Object Storage license must be installed on supported Quantum appliances and MDC with dedicated 10GbE NIC connections in order to configure StorNext to use Object Storage as a storage destination. Prior to StorNext 5 Release 5.1, this license was called SNSM Wide Area Storage, which was first supported in StorNext 4.6. This license name was deprecated in StorNext 5 Release 5.1, and is superseded by the Object Storage license.

Vaulting License

A Vault Option license allows you to move seldom-used media from a Quantum or supported third-party library to a manual archive vault, freeing room for media in the managed archives. This license is available only for Storage Manager environments.

If a vault option license is purchased, any data that is stored in a vault does not apply to the Storage Manager capacity license.

Other Licenses Supported on Appliance Systems

All other optional StorNext features are supported, but must be purchased separately.

StorNext Disk Licensing/Certification

See StorNext Licensing for information about Certified Disk and Uncertified DIsk requirements.