StorNext Limits

While the limits listed below are accurate as of the publish date in the footer of this page, Quantum continues to test performance, so the numbers change over time. Quantum updates the limits listed below on an as-needed basis in each release, depending on new features and hardware supported.

For overall StorNext requirements and compatibility, see the StorNext 6 Compatibility Guide.

Below is a list of StorNext limitations:

  • The maximum number of LUNs per file system is 512.
  • The maximum number of LUNs per data stripe group is 127.
  • The maximum number of stripe groups per file system is 256.
  • The maximum number of tape drives is 256.
  • The maximum number of SAN and LAN clients is 1500.
  • The maximum number of LAN Gateways is 64.

    Note: This number represents the number of DLC servers supported, not the number of StorNext clients running as NAS gateways. For NAS limits, refer to the Tested Scalability Limits.

  • The maximum file name length is 255.
  • The maximum file path length is 1023.
  • The maximum number of files in a non-managed file system is 5 Billion.
  • The maximum number of files in a managed file system is 1 Billion.
  • The maximum number of managed files on a single MDC is 3.5 Billion.
  • The maximum number of file system managers (FSMs) per MDC is 8.
  • The maximum number of StorNext mount points on a host is 16.
  • The maximum size of a single file is 2 Petabytes.
  • The (default) maximum file size Storage Manager stores is 2 Terabytes.

Note: To adjust the default maximum file size, see System Parameters, and also refer to the MAX_STORE_SIZE system parameter in the fs_sysparm.README file.

Note: The maximum supported file name is 255 bytes. The maximum supported path length is 1023 bytes. In Linux, paths may be longer than 1023 bytes, but such paths are not compatible with certain StorNext features including Storage Manager, Directory Quotas, and Replication.