Linear Tape File System (LTFS) Media Format

If you use LTO-5 (or later) tape media, you can choose to store archive copies in the traditional native StorNext tape format (ANTF) and/or in Open LTFS tape format. For complete details on supported libraries and drives, see the StorNext 6 Compatibility Guide.


For details on LTFS limitations, see the StorNext 6 Compatibility Guide.

The LTFS tape format offers most of the same functionality as the ANTF format with the additional benefit of being portable. That is, tape media in LTFS format by can be vaulted and removed from the StorNext Storage Manager system and mounted elsewhere using the freely available Open LTFS package, allowing access to the data without requiring any additional software from Quantum.

The StorNext implementation for LTFS is based on the Open LTFS Format Specification v 2.2.1 and is compatible with implementations from other vendors at or above this version.