StorNext Disk Licensing

Disk licensing has been added to StorNext in order to help quantify customers’ configurations. There are three levels of disk certification:

  • Quantum Branded
  • Quantum Certified
  • Quantum Uncertified (all other disks)
The vendor and model of each disk are checked against the disk catalog supplied by Quantum to determine to which category each disk belongs.

Note: Disk licenses should be updated after completion of StorNext installation or upgrade.

Licenses are available for free from Quantum that specify the amount of Quantum Certified and Quantum Uncertified disks that can be configured. For Quantum Branded disks, the amount of disk capacity is not specified by a license - it is unlimited.

There is also a new command line tool called disk_license (disk_license.exe on Windows) that can be used to create Disk License Status file, interrogate disk capacity, display license status, import catalogs and perform other disk licensing tasks.