Linux LAN Clients or Gateway Servers in HA Environments

When a StorNext High Availability (HA) configuration is used and the StorNext LAN Client/Gateway Server feature is configured on the HA server nodes, each node in the HA pair should be configured separately and independently. This allows for the best and highest availability of the LAN client capability.

Ideally, each node in the HA pair should have the same number of network interfaces and be on the same networks. The dpserver configuration should be done before converting an MDC pair into an HA pair.

When deduplication/replication is enabled, Virtual IPs (VIPs) are configured and applied to the active blockpool server. In such a setting, the network interface(s) with VIP configured can potentially have more than one IP addresses (physical and virtual IPs). If such an interface is also used for a LAN client, use the interface with the physical IP address to specify the network interface.