Install the StorNext File System on a Windows MDC: Interactively

The StorNext setup wizard guides you through the process of installing the StorNext File System on Windows machines.

When you are ready, use the setup wizard to install StorNext (see Install a StorNext File System).

If you did not install all StorNext components when you initially installed StorNext or wish to remove them later, you can add or remove components at any time (see Add or Remove StorNext Components).

(Optional) After installation, restore the previous client configuration (see Restore a Previous StorNext or StorNext FX Client Configuration). This is only necessary if you have performed a complete removal of StorNext. The StorNext client configurations are fully maintained on upgrades from version 3.0 and later.

As new versions of StorNext are released, you can upgrade to a new version or reinstall (see Upgrade or Reinstall StorNext on a Windows Server).

Note: You must log on as an Administrator to install StorNext. If you are installing on Windows Vista, answer Yes to any messages asking if you want to run the installation process with administrative privileges.