Convert to a High Availability (HA) System

Note: The HA conversion process is required for initial installations.

If you are upgrading from StorNext 4.7.x (or later), and have previously converted your system to HA configuration, the conversion process is unnecessary. Previously-converted systems will not be taken out of HA configuration, so the option to convert to HA is unavailable. However, for StorNext releases prior to StorNext 4.7.x, an HA conversion is necessary after StorNext software upgrades.

This section describes the configuration steps necessary to convert two StorNext MDC servers into a High Availability MDC pair connected to a shared file system. Converting to HA consists of selecting the dedicated unmanaged StorNext file system for use as the controlling shared file system, and then instructing StorNext to convert each MDC server to operate as one MDC server of the HA pair.

The following note and bullet items apply only to customer-supplied MDCs.

Note: The Convert menu option will be unavailable (grayed out) on the Tools menu if you have not specified a secondary system. If you have not already done so, specify a secondary system by using the Name Servers function. For more information, see Step 2: Configure a File System Name Server.

The following are considerations you should be aware of concerning the HA conversion process:

  • The HA shared file system MUST be configured as an unmanaged file system. The file system should not have quotas enabled. Enabling quotas on this file system can interfere with the proper functionality of Storage Manager and the HA infrastructure.
  • The conversion process converts one MDC server at a time. The second MDC should be converted as soon as possible after the first server.
  • StorNext operating files will be moved to the HaShared file system, and this move cannot easily be reversed.
  • Following conversion, the primary MDC is identified by the vIP for Replication/Deduplication.
  • Replication/Deduplication policies must be changed to use the vIP:
    • The global policy for each file system must use it as the “Address for Replication and Deduplication”
    • Replication policies must use it as the Target for Replication Schedules
    • If multilink is configured, the vIP address should be used.

Considerations for All MDCs

The following applies to all MDCs used in an HA configuration:

  • The UIDs for the quantumdb and tdlm users and the adic group must be identical on both MDC server servers of an HA pair. If the UIDs are not identical, the MySQL database will not start (due to file permission errors), which in turn prevents storage manager from fully starting up. Quantum recommends creating the UIDs for the quantumdb and tdlm users along with the adic group on both servers prior to running the install.stornext script.