Configure the StorNext and StorNext FX Client Software on Windows

Configuring StorNext and StorNext FX clients on Windows is similar to configuring a StorNext File System, but with more limited configuration options.

Note: For StorNext or StorNext FX clients on Windows, copy the .auth_secret file from the Xsan MDC to the following directory on the Windows system:

c:/Program Files/StorNext/config/.auth_secret

To configure the StorNext or StorNext FX client software on Windows operating systems, use the Windows configuration utilities.

The following tools are provided with the StorNext Configuration utility, which is accessible from the StorNext Installation program:

  • Name Servers: Configure StorNext name servers.
  • Import/Export Client Settings: Import or export StorNext registry settings from or to a file.
  • Client Configuration: Configure drive mappings and other StorNext client options.

Additional tools are accessible from the Windows Start menu (see Additional Windows Configuration Utilities).