Tools > Dynamic Application Environment

The Dynamic Application Environment page displays the current status of your virtual machine (VM) environments and allows you to create, import, edit, delete, and view a virtual machine. To access the Dynamic Application Environment page, on the Tools menu, click Dynamic Application Environment. The Tools > Dynamic Application Environment page appears.

Note: See the DAE Configuration Instructions for all necessary hardware and software steps prior to using this page.

Note: You may only have a set number of virtual machines (dictated by the system maximum number) powered on or suspended at a time. If you attempt to power on or suspend more than the system's maximum number of virtual machines, you will receive an error message prompting you to shut down one or more virtual machines that are powered on or suspended.

The table below shows the information displayed on the Tools > Dynamic Application Environment page:

Parameter Description

Virtual Machine Name

Displays the name of the virtual machine.

VNC Port

Displays the Virtual Network Computing (VNC) port number.


Displays the current status of the virtual machine. The possible states are:

  • Powered On
  • Powered Off
  • Suspended

Displays the current Autostart status of the virtual machine. The possible states are:

  • Yes (the Autostart option is enabled)
  • No (the Autostart option is disabled)
New... Click to create a new virtual machine.
Import... Click to import an existing virtual machine.
Edit... Click to edit the selected virtual machine.
Delete... Click to delete the selected virtual machine.
View... Click to view the properties of the selected virtual machine.

Change DAE Password...

Click to change a Dynamic Application Environment password.

Power On

Click to power on a selected virtual machine.


Click to shut down a selected virtual machine.

Power Off

Click to power off a selected virtual machine.


Click to suspend a selected virtual machine.

Resume Click to resume the selected virtual machine.


Click to refresh the data on this page.