Tools > Client Download

The StorNext client software lets you mount and work with StorNext file systems.

The client software can be downloaded from the StorNext installation DVD, the Web, or from a metadata controller (MDC) running the StorNext GUI. You can only download client software from an MDC if you have SNFS and SNSM installed and are running the StorNext GUI. You cannot download client software from a Red Hat 4 or Windows MDC, or from a file-system-only Red Hat 5 MDC.

Note: LAN client and LAN client gateways are included with the standard client software packages. For more information about LAN Clients, see About StorNext LAN Clients and Gateway Server/Client Network and Memory Tuning.

In addition to StorNext client software, Distributed Data Mover can also be downloaded from this page. For more information about installing and using Distributed Data Mover, see Tools > Storage Manager > Distributed Data Mover.

Note: To ensure successful operation, before you install the client software verify that the client system meets all operating system and hardware requirements listed in the StorNext Compatibility Guide.

After downloading the client software, install and configure it using the appropriate method for your operating system.