Configure Libraries

The Libraries tab on the Configuration > Storage Destinations > Library page enables you to perform actions pertaining to libraries, including adding, editing, and deleting a library.

Note: There is a limitation when importing cartridges into the Spectra Logic T50e library.

Importing cartridges into the Spectra Logic T50e library cannot be controlled by StorNext Storage Manager. All cartridges imported are controlled using the BlueScale® user interface from the library’s operator panel. Cartridges are imported either one at a time using the access port or as a group using the bulk load process.

After you finish importing the cartridges, you must then synchronize the library’s inventory with the inventory maintained by StorNext Storage Manager, since those cartridges were moved into the library outside of StorNext Storage Manager's control. To synchronize the library’s inventory, use the Remap-Audit feature under the Configuration > Storage Destinations > Libraries page. For additional information, see Perform Other Library Actions.

Note: To avoid potentially limiting the performance of multiple tape drives to the speed of a single fibre channel interface, split the tape drives in your configuration across two fibre channel switches or two fibre channel zones, and then connect a StorNext MDC fibre channel HBA port to each of these switches or zones. There are two fibre channel HBA ports available for tape use in an appliance. See the documentation specific to your appliance hardware on the Quantum Documentation Portal.