Service > Capture State

The Capture State feature enables you to create a log file that captures the current state of the system. The log file assists Quantum Support personnel analyze and debug problems with your system.

Assuming your system is connected to the internet and you have an open support case, you can automatically, or manually upload your log files to Quantum Support via Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

Additionally, you can capture, download and upload just file system logs and platform logs. All logs are included in a Full Snapshot, but in some cases you can create a log that consists of a smaller sub-component.

General Considerations

  • Upload Progress: The GUI reminds you that you can check the progress of the upload by reviewing the job on the Reports > Jobs page.
  • Dark Sites and Non-Internet Accessed Servers: If either of these scenarios apply to your environment, you must continue to download captured log files to a local client with internet access using the Download button in the GUI.