Configure Spotlight Proxy

Spotlight Proxy enables communication between a StorNext MDC and a Xsan Spotlight server. The Spotlight server enables Spotlight search functionality for Xsan clients accessing StorNext volumes. While Spotlight includes two configurable Spotlight search levels, ReadWrite and FsSearch, only the ReadWrite level works with Spotlight Proxy. Quantum recommends not to configure the FsSearch level as it will disable Spotlight Proxy.

Spotlight Search Level Description


The ReadWrite level indexes attributes as well as read and index each file in the volume.

By default, Spotlight is configured for ReadWrite indexing.


The FsSearch level only indexes file attributes.

Note: If the ReadWrite search level is configured, every file in the volume is read once by the Spotlight indexing process. For Managed file systems, this includes retrieving and reading all truncated files. Consider the impact of Spotlight indexing and ensure that Spotlight indexing is appropriate for your environment.

Caution: Enabling Spotlight Proxy on a managed file system is not advised. Spotlight indexes data as well as metadata and may cause truncated files to be restored from archival storage.

Note: A macOS X MDC is not supported as a proxy server for an FX LAN client.