Tools > High Availability > Manage

The Manage option enables you to view the current status of the file systems on your HA systems. Specifically, you can view whether the file systems on your primary and secondary nodes have a status of Active, Inactive, Standby, or Unknown.

The page includes Enter Config Mode and Exit Config Mode buttons to place the HA Cluster in a state that allows the Primary MDC to restart CVFS and individual FSMs without incurring an HA Reset, failover of any file systems, or transfer of Primary status to the peer MDC. This is required for making configuration changes to the HaShared file system through the GUI.

This page also enables you to lock the HA cluster for administration purposes, placing the cluster into Config (configuration) mode so your system administrator can make configuration changes and other modifications. This mode allows the HA Manager to prevent HA resets while making configuration changes or stopping the primary server.

Caution: When exiting HA Config mode, StorNext will be stopped, which will also 'fuser' any processes which have files open on the file system from either node. Prepare your systems before entering HA Config mode.

Caution: Setting haFsType to HaUnmonitored disables the HA monitor timers used to guarantee against split brain. When two MDCs are configured to run as an HA pair but full HA protection is disabled in this way, it is possible in rare situations for file system metadata to become corrupt if there are lengthy delays or excessive loads in the LAN and SAN networks that prevent an active FSM from maintaining its branding of the ARB in a timely manner.