Setting Up Storage Disks

The Storage Disk option enables you to view, add, edit or delete storage disks.

Storage disks are external devices on UNIX-based file systems that can be used for long term data storage. Storage disks function and operate the same way as physical tape media. You can add up to 16 storage disks.

When a storage disk is configured, the StorNext Storage Manager moves data to storage disks for long-term retention in addition to, or instead of tape. This enables users to leverage the specialized third-party functionality of appliances or store small files that might take longer to retrieve from tape. Many users will still use tape for long term storage and vaulting, but storage disk can be used to create tape-free archives.

Here are a few differences storage disks have over tape media:

  • A storage disk either belongs to no policy class, or belongs to a single policy class

  • A storage disk can store file copies only with the same copy ID.

Note: Before you create a storage disk, the disks you plan to use must reside in an existing, mounted file system.