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The StorNext Metrics reports provide performance data logging and visual reporting and graphing features for StorNext systems. The StorNext Metrics reports are a visual reporting tool. This tool combines comprehensive performance data logging with powerful visual reporting and analysis tools to help you identify potential problems and optimize system operations.

This topic contains the following sections:

Section Description
Introduction to the StorNext Metrics Reports Provides an overview of the features of StorNext Metrics reports.
StorNext Metrics Navigation Describes how to access and work with the Web-based user interface of StorNext Metrics reports.
Reports and Graphs Describes how to view and interpret the available performance reports.
Work With Time Ranges Describes how to move the time range backward and forward in time, and make the time range longer or shorter
Work With Graphs Describes how to work with the various types of graphs..
Interpret Performance Data Describes how to interpret a particular type of performance data.