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Working With Received NAS Share Snapshots

The Received Snapshots page allows you to view and work with received NAS shares. When a replicated NAS share is received from a source system, it is saved as a snapshot. The snapshot contains all of the data necessary to fully failback the share to the point in time when the snapshot was saved.


Q-Cloud Protect is designed to be used as a replication target for on-site DXi appliances, on-site DXi appliances using OpenStorage (OST) optimized duplication, or Veritas NetBackup or BackupExec OST servers with DXi Accent enabled.

Q-Cloud Protect does not support use-cases for directly accessing data stored in NAS shares or VTL partitions from the cloud appliance. To access data stored in a share or partition from the cloud appliance, you must failback and recover the data at the source.


Use the Received Snapshots page to perform the following tasks:

  • View Details About Received Snapshots
  • Perform a Failback for a Share
  • Delete a Snapshot

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