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Viewing Network Configuration

The Network page allows you to view network configuration for the Q-Cloud Protect appliance. The cloud appliance uses this configuration to connect to AWS S3 storage, AWS EC2, the Internet, and your organization's network.

Configuring Your Network for Q-Cloud Protect

The network for the cloud appliance is configured in AWS before launching the Q-Cloud Protect EC2 instance. We recommend against changing any of the cloud appliance's network configuration from its virtual console. If you need to update the appliance's network configuration, we recommend working with your network administrator to make changes in AWS.

For more information about configuring the network for your cloud appliance, see VPC-Private Network Connections.

You can change the cloud appliance's hostname — which defaults to the instance ID — from the Network page, as needed

Additional Information

For network changes to take effect, you must apply the changes, finalize the confirmation, and reboot the system. Keep in mind that rebooting the system can take up to 15 minutes.

To revert all network settings to the initial state and undo all changes, click the Reset button.

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