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Mapping Target IP Addresses

The Target IP Mapping page allows you to remap network traffic from the target's data IP address to its specified replication IP address. This remapping is necessary if the target system is configured with different network interfaces — and therefore different IP addresses — for data and replication traffic.

Generally, OST traffic is routed to the data network segment. However, optimized duplication can optionally use the replication channel. When a data IP address is mapped to a replication IP address, OST traffic is routed from the data IP address to the replication IP address, as necessary.

Recommendations and Requirements

Review the following recommendations and requirements before mapping target IP address:


Use the Target IP Mapping page to perform the following tasks:

  • View the Target IP Mapping List
  • Map a Target IP Address
  • Edit a Mapped IP Address
  • Delete a Mapped IP Address

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