Replication Known Issues

The following are known replication issues.

Issue Number




On both the Home page and Status > Disk Usage page, the value for Data Size After Reduction might be larger than the value for Data Size Before Reduction.

This issue can occur when replication is enabled for a share or partition, but replication is rarely or never run. In this case, continuously replicated data accumulates on the target system, but this data is not included in the value for Data Size Before Reduction until a replication job is performed and a snapshot is saved.

To correct the issue, manually initiate replication of the share or partition on the Replication > Send page, and allow the replication to complete.

To avoid this issue in the future, schedule replication for the share or partition on the Configuration > Scheduler page. Alternately, you can enable Directory/File or Cartridge Based replication for the share or partition.


Some chargeback reporting statistics are not maintained for failback operations.

The Input Bytes for the failback operation can be viewed on the source appliance. On the Replication > Send page, hold the cursor over the job status and note the value displayed for Original Data Size.

After the failback operation is complete, chargeback reporting on the target appliance will accurately report the User Data Size of the data replicated.

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