OST Known Issues

The following are known OST issues.

Issue Number




On the Configuration > OST > Storage Servers page, the Delete button is unavailable (gray) in the following scenarios:

  • There are multiple pages of storage servers
  • All storage servers on a page are selected

This issues occurs even when all selected storage servers meet the deletion criteria — no backup images or active connections.

If all selected servers are eligible for deletion, de-select at least one storage server on the displayed page. The Delete button will be available.

If a selected servers is not eligible for deletion, de-select it. The Delete button will be available.


OST optimized duplication jobs fail when VTL replication jobs are running at the same time.

Run OST optimized duplication and VTL replication jobs to the Q-Cloud Protect appliance at different times.


Deploy two different Q-Cloud Protect appliances in which one appliance is used as the VTL replication target and the other is used as the OST optimized duplication target.

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