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Advanced Reporting Known Issues

The following are known issues in Advanced Reporting.

Issue Number



30001 Exporting a graph to a JPEG or PNG graphic image in Internet Explorer 9 version causes the browser to stop responding. Use a newer version of Internet Explorer or another supported browser.
36969 If the Q-Cloud Protect appliance's time zone is changed to one that is west of the current time zone, Advanced Reporting does not log Ethernet I/O activity. In addition, ingest statistics are not displayed correctly on the virtual console's Home page.

Issues will be corrected after a number of hours equal to the difference in time zones.


If the new time zone is 8 hours west of the old time zone, issues will be corrected in 8 hours.


The Replication Ingest report does not correctly graph data for smaller replication jobs, especially when viewing longer time ranges.

Use the Export Replication Chargeback CSV file to view the correct data.

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