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Looking for Lattus P100 or Lattus X100 documentation?

This Lattus Documentation Center does not include the Lattus P100 or Lattus X100 products. Quantum is a reseller for the Lattus P100 and Lattus X100, and does not create documentation for these products.

New Release Available

Lattus 3.6.8 is now available!

This release adds support for the new S50 Storage Node and the C10 v2 Controller Node.

See the Lattus 3.6.8 Release Notes for more information.


Looking for documentation for a previous Lattus release? Find it here: Lattus Documentation Archive.

Procedure Spotlight

Adding more storage nodes to your Lattus system? After the hardware is installed in your rack, you'll need to perform a few steps to make sure Lattus recognizes the new nodes.

See this topic for more information.

Training Video Spotlight

Did you know there are several Lattus videos available that provide overviews on how to monitor your system and replace important hardware, such as degraded hard disk drives in Storage Nodes?

Below are three popular videos. View all videos.

Lattus: Monitoring Lattus from the CMC

Lattus: Monitoring Status

Lattus: Replacing Decommissioned Disks in an S20 Model 2, S30 or S50 Storage Node