Add Storage Nodes


Below is a summary of the steps involved in configuring storage nodes. Detailed explanations for performing the steps follow the summary.

1. Install the operating system on the node via PXE.
2. After the OS is installed, add the node as a device to Lattus.
3. Initialize the device by assigning the purpose of the node (either storage node or controller node).

Note: Quantum storage nodes are NOT interchangeable with storage nodes from any other vendor.

Note: It takes approximately 8 minutes to install an OS (parallel) on a storage node, and approximately 15 minutes to initialize (serial).

Before You Begin

  1. Ensure that all the storage nodes are cabled to the private installation LAN.
  2. Starting from the bottom of the rack and working upwards, power up the storage nodes, one at a time, leaving a 15-second interval between each powerup operation. This will help prevent power spikes.

    Note: When installing Lattus S20 Model 2, S30 or S50 Storage Nodes, note that only LAN 1 is active until the node is powered on and initialized. This means the activity LED for LAN 2 will not be lit until power is applied