Register and Create an Account

Begin by registering your Quantum appliance on the StorNext Connect website and creating a StorNext Connect account. You'll need the StorNext Connect authorization code and Quantum appliance serial number.

The authorization code for a Quantum appliance with StorNext Connect pre-authorized is printed on the authorization certificate, included in the "Open Me First" package shipped with the hardware. For other Quantum appliances, obtain the authorization code through the StorNext Connect request process. See StorNext Connect Request Process for details.

If an order includes multiple Quantum appliances, each appliance will have its own StorNext Connect authorization certificate and code. However, you can create one StorNext Connect website account using the authorization code and Quantum appliance serial number for one of the appliances, and then add entries to the account for each additional appliance.

How Do I Find the Quantum Appliance Serial Number?

See this Quantum Knowledge Base article for details about finding Quantum product serial numbers.

You can create multiple accounts for the StorNext Connect website for different users by entering the same authorization code and system serial number, and then providing unique login and user information (email address, password, phone number, and time zone). In a scenario with multiple systems and multiple website user accounts, each user must add entries for all systems to be associated with the account.

The initial StorNext Connect website account is also the first StorNext Connect account. Additional StorNext Connect user accounts can be added through the Admin > Users page in StorNext Connect after initial system installation and configuration. See Add or Modify Users for details.


What's Next?

If you have multiple appliances, add an entry to the account for each additional appliance. See Add a System to the StorNext Connect Account for details. Otherwise, go directly to downloading the installation materials. See Get Installation Materials for details.

If you are using the StorNext Connect website only to obtain StorNext add-ons, without installing or using StorNext Connect, you can go directly to the StorNext add ons page. See Download StorNext Add-ons for details.