Get Installation Materials

After creating an account and logging into the website, go to the System installation downloads page to download the installation materials customized for the system. If you have multiple orders or an order with more than one Quantum appliance, make sure the Welcome page includes an entry for each Quantum appliance. See Add a System to the StorNext Connect Account for details about adding an entry. Each system has its own System installation downloads button and requires its own installation materials. The page lists systems alphanumerically by serial number for accounts with multiple systems.

July 2017 Website Updates

If you downloaded an Install file prior to the July 2017 changes to the StorNext Connect website, you will notice the system selections are cleared the next time you go to the System installation downloads page. If you need to download a replacement Install file, use the instructions below to re-create the Install file.


What's Next?

Use the hardware installation documentation and Install app to install and configure the system.