StorNext Connect Release Notes

StorNext Connect is a collection of independent applications, with some dependencies between them as necessary. The applications can be released and updated independently. All StorNext Connect applications have incrementing integer version numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3). Quantum recommends using the latest versions of StorNext Connect applications for the latest features and functions.

See the Planning section for the requirements for installing and operating StorNext Connect.

Application Versions

The following table identifies the StorNext Connect applications and components available as of September 2017.

Be sure to install or update the applications through the App Store.

Date Available




What's New

September 2017



Xcellis Foundation is supported by the Install app. DNS is no longer a requirement during StorNext Connect installation, and NTP is no longer required for single-node appliances. See the recent Install changes for details.

July 2017

StorNext Connect website (


The process for creating Install files is more flexible and accommodates a wider variety of system configurations.

The documentation package has been replaced with a new online page that allows you to access the documentation resources needed for installation.

Also, you can use the new StorNext add ons page to download the software packages for optional StorNext features.

See the recent StorNext Connect website changes for details.

July 2017

Connect Core


Changes have been made to support the StorNext Connect applications that have been updated in support of StorNext 6.0.

July 2017



Connector V19 is required on single-node appliances so that StorNext Connect recognizes them as single-node appliances, and not dual-node appliances with a failed node. If you install an appliance using Install V10, it will install Connector V19 on the appliance.

Connector V19 is also required to maintain StorNext Connect compatibility with StorNext 6.0 software. See the recent Connector changes for details.

July 2017

Manage NAS


You can use the Manage NAS app to configure NAS clusters for single-node appliances. Additional bug fixes. See the recent Manage NAS changes for details.

July 2017

Manage Other Components


The links on the Documentation page have been updated. Additional bug fixes. See the recent Manage Other Components changes for details.

March 2017

Administer App Store


Infrastructure support for future features.

February 2017



New application that shows the current statistics in addition to historical and future trends for storage tier data.

February 2017

Monitor Performance


Updated to be compatible with Connect Core V9.

February 2017

Monitor Storage Manager


Updated to be compatible with Connect Core V9.

November 2016

Discover Components


DNS is no longer required on the metadata network. See the recent Discover Components changes for details.

October 2016

Monitor NAS


Bug fix. See the recent Monitor NAS changes for details.

November 2015

Manage Clients


Miscellaneous updates

November 2015

Monitor Systems (Dashboard)


Miscellaneous updates

Related Product Release Notes

StorNext Connect is a single graphical interface that connects your Quantum appliances and StorNext resources. See the Documentation Portal to stay up-to-date with the documentation resources for other Quantum products in your environment.