View the Mail Server

The following information applies to version 11 (and later) of Connect Core.

The Mail Server page allows you to view and edit StorNext Connect mail server information used to send forgotten passwords and other email notifications to StorNext Connect users.

Typically, the mail server settings are configured with the Install app, but you can enter or change these settings at any time.

Caution: If a mail server is not configured, StorNext Connect cannot send messages, including password recovery emails, to users.

Field/Check Box


Mail Server Name or IP Address

Enter the mail server's URL or IP address.


Enter the port the mail server uses. (default port 25)

Return Email Address

Enter the email address that sends messages to users.

Use the secure SMTP protocol for sending email

Select the check box to enter the user name and password for your SMTP server if your outgoing mail server requires authentication.

Use the secure SSL protocol for sending email

Select the check box to send email from the StorNext Connect system over an SSL connection.