Introduction to StorNext Connect Monitoring

StorNext Connect provides a single-screen view of your StorNext environment, providing one location for day-to-day monitoring. The components in the environment must be discovered prior to monitoring. See Introduction to StorNext Connect Discovery for details.

  1. Monitor Performance

View detailed volume (file system) performance reporting as well as volume capacity reporting for primary storage. The app reports throughput, latency, and I/O operations per second (IOPS) statistics. You can filter volume data by workspace (cluster), volume, and time; and you can filter client data by client and time.

  1. Monitor Storage Manager

View statistics about StorNext Archive Enabled Libraries and Lattus Object Storage destinations for Storage Manager. At least one of these archive tiers must be configured and a Storage Manager license is required to use the application.

  1. Dashboard (Monitor Systems)

Check "widgets" for high-level monitoring of the components in the environment.

  1. Monitor NAS

View information about configured NAS clusters. The V5 update to the Monitor NAS app deprecated the application. The Monitor NAS app is no longer being updated or supported and is not compatible with the NAS app.

  1. Utilization

View Storage Manager activity and usage for primary storage and archive storage tiers. The app reports throughput and performance for Storage Manager operations.