StorNext Client Version Functionality

StorNext Connect uses clients for capturing monitoring data and configuration information. Quantum highly recommends that all client versions be updated to the latest version of StorNext software for full support of all StorNext Connect features and functionality.

StorNext Connect supports management of StorNext Linux clients only (includes install and upgrade operations). For complete StorNext client operating system support, see StorNext Client Operating System Support.

Make sure the same (and latest) version of the Connector is installed on the StorNext Connect system and all hosts in the environment to ensure proper operation.

StorNext Client Version Discover Manage Clients Install Clients Upgrade Clients Monitor Systems, Performance, Storage Manager Utilization App NAS App Manage
Import Historical Data Connect Add-on for Xsan

StorNext 6.x

Requires Connector V19 or later

StorNext 5 Release 5.4.x


Requires Connector V18 or later

StorNext 5 Release 5.3.2

See Product Bulletin 98



StorNext 5 Release 5.3.1



StorNext 5 Release 5.3.0




StorNext 5 Release 5.2.2




StorNext 5 Release 5.2.1




StorNext 5 Release




StorNext 5 Release 5.2.0











StorNext 5 Release 5.1.1







StorNext 5 Release 5.1







StorNext 5 Release 5.0.1







StorNext 5







StorNext 4.7.2








StorNext 4.7.1








Note: P = Management of clients on StorNext versions before could be partially supported. Mounting and unmounting volumes (file systems) will interrupt all I/O to a client. Mounting and unmounting volumes must be done with all volume traffic stopped. Quantum recommends updating the client to the latest StorNext software to avoid feature and function inconsistencies.