What's New in the StorNext Connect Documentation Center?

Table 1: Documentation Changes as of Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Changed Content

Change Description


Streamlined the online StorNext Connect Quickstart.


Added a link to the new StorNext Connect App Compatibility topic.

StorNext Connect App Compatibility

New topic that describes application compatibility and dependency considerations.

StorNext Client Version Functionality

Added a recommendation to keep the Connector version consistent and up-to-date on StorNext Connect hosts. Added related topic links.

Added the NAS app to the table.

Introduction to StorNext Connect Management

Added the NAS app to the list of management apps.

Which App Should I Use for NAS?

New topic that describes the differences and use cases for the NAS app and the Manage NAS app.

About the NAS App

Configure a NAS Node

Configure a NAS Cluster

Enable File Locking in the StorNext GUI

Configure NAS Authentication

Configure NAS Shares

Upgrade the NAS Software

Troubleshooting the NAS Application

New section that provides conceptual information and instructions for the new NAS app.

About the Manage NAS App

Added a note about the difference between Manage NAS and NAS apps.

Enable File Locking in the StorNext GUI

Updated the introduction to describe the file locking requirement specific to the Manage NAS app.

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated the NAS FAQ to include the new NAS app.

General Notes

In the Monitor Performance Application, Monitor Storage Manager Application, and Utilization Application sections, added a note about StorNext 6.x and Windows client statistics.

Added the NAS Application section.

StorNext Connect Release Notes

Updated the table for the NAS V1 and Core V13 releases.

Known Issues

Added CON-2933 to the Connector, Monitor Performance, Monitor Storage Manager, and Utilization known issues lists. Added CON-3069 to the Utilization known issues list.

StorNext Connect Documentation Downloads

Combined the PDF Downloads and Local and Archived Copies of the Documentation Center topics into one topic called Documentation Downloads.

Added the .zip file (local copy) of the current Documentation Center. Updated the versions supported in the StorNext Connect Documentation Center Local-Copy Content table.

Replaced the StorNext Connect Release Notes PDF and StorNext Connect Compatibility Guide PDF with the latest versions.


Added the NAS app to the search filter.