Note: If your Quantum appliance does not support full-system deployment using the StorNext Connect Install app, then you must follow the "post-installation deployment" process. This process is for appliances that have been previously installed and configured manually (not using the Install App), and new appliances that cannot be configured with the Install App (for example, appliances that ship with StorNext 6.1 installed). The instructions for post-installation deployment outlined in Deploy StorNext Connect on an Installed and Configured System.

Prepare for Installation and Configuration

Register StorNext Connect

Go to https://stornextconnect.quantum.com to register and create a StorNext Connect account. You need the Quantum appliance serial number and authorization code.

The serial number is printed on the shipping label attached to each box containing a Quantum appliance. You can also see this Quantum Knowledge Base article for details about finding Quantum product serial numbers.

The StorNext Connect authorization code for each appliance in your order is printed on the StorNext Connect Authorization Certificate included in the appliance's "Open Me First" package. Missing an authorization certificate? Learn how to request an authorization code.

Obtain Installation Materials

From the StorNext Connect website (https://stornextconnect.quantum.com), download the Install file customized for your system and access the installation instructions.

Gather Your Network Settings

Download and complete the StorNext Connect Network Settings Worksheets for each Quantum appliance in your order.

Install and Configure

Install Your Hardware

After registering on the StorNext Connect website and getting the installation materials, follow your Quantum appliance's installation instructions to install your hardware.

Access installation instructions:

Xcellis Foundation Installation Instructions

Xcellis Workflow Director Installation Instructions

Artico Archive Gateway Installation Instructions

Configure Your System

Follow the instructions in your Quantum appliance's installation instructions to launch the StorNext Connect Install app, which will deploy StorNext Connect on your Quantum appliance and help you configure your StorNext environment.

Perform System Operations

Start using StorNext Connect apps to perform day-to-day monitoring and management of your StorNext environment.

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