StorNext Connect Network Requirements

See the site planning and requirements documentation for the hardware components that make up the StorNext environment (for example, appliance server, storage, tape library) to understand the hardware-specific requirements.

Review the following sections to understand the network configuration that must be in place for a successful StorNext Connect installation.

Additional Information

  • StorNext Connect does not provide health monitoring for StorNext QD-, QM-, and QS-Series storage. This means that the Storage Arrays widget on the Dashboard will not have data in it.
  • The StorNext M330 Metadata Appliance can be discovered and monitored from a StorNext Connect system. An M330 Metadata Appliance cannot function as a StorNext Connect system. The Install application is not supported on the M330. If it is to be discovered and monitored, an M330 needs to follow the same prerequisites and compatibility rules in the Planning and Compatibility section. Quantum Professional Services installation with a reviewed and approved site configuration is required.