About the Monitor Performance App

The following information applies to version 6 of the Monitor Performance application.

Do you need to install or update the Monitor Performance app? See Manage Applications for instructions about the App Store.

When updating to Discover Components V6, you should also update the monitoring apps (Monitor Performance, Monitor Storage Manager, and Utilization). Otherwise, statistics might be sent to a different directory than expected, resulting in inaccurate reporting in the monitoring apps.

Caution: If NTP is not configured, and a system in the environment transmits statistics to StorNext Connect with a time that is later than the time on the StorNext Connect server, the stats are discarded and StorNext Connect does not report accurate monitoring stats.

The Monitor Performance application allows you to monitor the performance and capacity usage of StorNext volumes (file systems). You can view performance based on specific volumes on the Volume view or specific clients on the Client view. You can further filter the results by workspace (cluster), volume, client, or time.

You can also select whether you want to view:

  • I/O activity (default when entering the screen)

    Note: The Volume view > I/O Activity counts I/O activity from and to DLC clients once for the DLC client and a second time for the DLC server/gateway (SAN client).

  • Performance from volumes to clients (in the Volume view)
  • Performance from clients to volumes (in the Client view)
  • Performance to stripe groups (in the Volume view)
  • Usage