About the Monitor NAS App

The following information applies to version 4 of the Monitor NAS application.

The Monitor NAS application is used to monitor the health of configured NAS clusters. NAS cluster configuration is completed through the Manage NAS application. See About the Manage NAS App for details.

The application compares the configuration of the cluster to the actual setup of the cluster. A red X indicates that there is a mismatch between the actual cluster and what is expected, while a green check mark indicates the cluster is running in accordance with the configuration. You can click the cluster name to open a detailed view. In the detailed view, the shares for each NAS gateway server are shown, with the configured values shown in the first row (expected), followed by the actual values. If the share has not been mounted yet, there is no row for actual values.

Note: "Not yet supported" indicates functionality that is planned for the future.