Install and Update StorNext Client Software

You can use StorNext Connect to install StorNext client software on supported client systems. If client systems are running unsupported versions of StorNext or unsupported operating systems, they will need to be installed and configured using the standard steps found in the StorNext documentation (

Note: See the Planning section for details on StorNext Connect support for various StorNext client versions and operating systems.

  1. Ensure the client system is connected to the StorNext Connect system management network.
  2. Launch the Manage Clients application.
  3. At the bottom of the Manage StorNext Clients screen, click View Clients.
  4. In the Select clients to update screen, locate the client system. Clients are grouped by workspace, so look in the workspace to which the client was added.
  5. In the New Version column, use the drop-down list to select the StorNext client software version to be installed.

    Additional Information

    Do not update a client to a StorNext version greater than that running on the StorNext Connect system.

    The following table identifies the color block indicators (furthest column to the right).


    The update will increase the version number


    The update will replace the existing version


    The update will downgrade to a prior version

  6. Click Preview at the bottom of the screen.
  7. In the Preview client updates screen, review the information on the screen to confirm the correct client and StorNext version are selected.
  8. Select the Apply these updates check box.
  9. Click Apply.

    The Job summary screen opens, which lists the current task and previous tasks along with their status (e.g., started, completed, error).

  10. Click to check for status updates.
  11. When the status for the task reads complete, return to the StorNext Connect home page.
  12. Launch the Discover Components application.
  13. In the Discover screen, click Rediscover.

    A list of name servers appears.

  14. Below the list of name servers, click Discover.

    Once the discovery is complete, the Discover button becomes a Continue button.

  15. Click Continue.

    The Discover screen appears, displaying the workspaces and clients.

  16. Locate the client and verify that the correct StorNext client version appears in the StorNext release column.