Installation and Configuration

The following information applies to version 12 of the Install app.

If the StorNext Connect Install App was not used for configuration of your system, StorNext Connect will need to be deployed on your system manually.


What's Next?

Install a System Using the Install Application

Note: If your Quantum appliance does not support full-system deployment using the StorNext Connect Install app, then you must follow the "post-installation deployment" process. This process is for appliances that have been previously installed and configured manually (not using the Install App), and new appliances that cannot be configured with the Install App (for example, appliances that ship with StorNext 6.1 installed). The instructions for post-installation deployment outlined in Deploy StorNext Connect on an Installed and Configured System.


Deploy StorNext Connect on an Installed and Configured System

Contact Quantum Professional Services or a Quantum Service Partner for information about deploying StorNext Connect on a Quantum appliance that is already installed and configured.