Enable File Locking in the StorNext GUI

A StorNext volume (file system), which is accessible to all nodes in the NAS cluster, contains configuration information about the NAS cluster. When you create a NAS cluster using the Manage NAS app, StorNext Connect chooses the first StorNext file system it finds that has Global File Locking turned on. You must manually enable file locking on at least one (non-HA shared) StorNext file system. For additional information, see the File Systems section in the StorNext Documentation Center.

To enable file locking on a StorNext file system:

  1. In StorNext Connect, go to the Manage Other Components application.
  2. Click Workspaces, then click the link to the StorNext system on which you need to enable file locking. This opens the StorNext GUI on the primary node.
  3. Log in to the StorNext GUI using the StorNext credentials.
  4. Go to Configuration > File Systems, and select the file system you want to edit.
  5. Click Edit.
  6. Go to the Advanced Parameters > Features tab.
  7. Select the File Locks check box to have the File System Manager (FSM) track and enforce file locks across all clients.
  8. Click Apply to save changes and return to the Configuration > File Systems page, OR click Cancel to exit without saving.

    The file system will be unavailable while the service is restarted.

  9. Close the StorNext GUI.