About the Dashboard

The following information applies to version 4 of the Monitor Systems application and version 8 (and later) of Connect Core.

Caution: If NTP is not configured, and a system in the environment transmits statistics to StorNext Connect with a time that is later than the time on the StorNext Connect server, the stats are discarded and StorNext Connect does not report accurate monitoring stats.

The Dashboard (also known as the Monitor Systems application) allows you to monitor the health of your storage, including servers and QXS storage. Through "widgets," the Dashboard provides information about volume storage, data I/O throughput, Xcellis Workflow Director (R630) systems and StorNext MDCs (metadata controllers), storage arrays, and tape libraries.

The Data I/O throughput widget is refreshed automatically every 60 seconds. Other statistics displayed and thresholds set on the Dashboard do not automatically update. Click on a widget to apply updates and refresh the information.