About the Connector

The following information applies to version 18–V22 of the Connector. The current Connector for Linux clients is V22. The current Connector for Windows clients is V18.

The Connector is made up of several components that StorNext Connect uses to communicate with clients for monitoring and management tasks. The Connector passes statistics to StorNext Connect, allows StorNext Connect to execute administrative commands on the client, and provides information about StorNext and the client operating system to StorNext Connect.

The server node(s) of a Quantum appliance and all other Linux and Windows clients must have the latest Connector for the operating system installed so that statistics can be passed to StorNext Connect. Quantum provides different Connector packages for Linux and Windows clients. The Connector package for Linux clients supports monitoring and management activities, while the Connector package for Windows clients supports monitoring activities only.

Use StorNext Connect's Discover Components application to view the current Connector release installed on all clients.