Update the Connector on Clients

The following information applies to version 18–V22 of the Connector. The current Connector for Linux clients is V22. The current Connector for Windows clients is V18.

Quantum provides updates to the Discover Components content when a new version of the Connector is available. New apps and newer versions of apps may require newer versions of the Connector. Also, as you add clients, it is recommended that you keep the Connector on all clients at the latest version.

You can update the Connector on existing StorNext Linux clients, including the StorNext Connect system's server node(s), that have an earlier Connector version installed. Updating the Connector is done on a per-client basis.

To update the Connector on a StorNext Windows client, install the newer version of the Connector, which will replace the Connector on the client. See Install the Connector on Windows Clients for details.