Update the NAS Software

You can update the NAS software from StorNext Connect at the cluster level using Quantum's external upgrade repository. When you update the NAS software, all NAS gateways in the NAS cluster are updated with the available Appliance Controller upgrade. All non-master nodes are updated before the master node completes the update.


The Manage NAS application must be at version 4 or later. See Manage Applications for details about installing and updating StorNext Connect applications.

StorNext Connect supports updating the NAS software on systems with StorNext NAS 1.3.0 or later installed. If the system has an earlier version of NAS software installed, you must use the Appliance Controller Console to update all nodes in the cluster to StorNext NAS 1.3.0 before having the option of performing NAS software updates through the Manage NAS app.

In addition, if your StorNext Connect system does not have an Internet connection, you must update the NAS software using the console, regardless of the NAS software version.

See Upgrades in the Appliance Controller Documentation Center for details about updating the NAS software using the console.

Caution: Because the update process could briefly interrupt access, we recommend performing an update when minimal disruption to file access will occur.

To update the NAS software:

  1. Open the Manage NAS application.
  2. Click the Update Available link in the NAS cluster column for the cluster you want to update.
  3. On the Update NAS cluster page, review the details about the update.

  4. To start the process of updating the NAS software on all NAS gateways in the NAS cluster, click Update. When the update is complete the page will show a confirmation message.
  5. Click Done to return to the Manage NAS home page.

    Note: Because the update time can vary, you can navigate away from the Update NAS cluster page during the update. However, you cannot edit the cluster during the update process. The Status column on the Manage NAS home page shows the status of the installation. If the update process fails, click the link in the Status column to return to the Update NAS cluster page to review the failure message.