About the Xcellis Foundation System

The Quantum Xcellis Foundation system is an affordable, easy-to-install, simple-to-manage scale-out NAS storage appliance that provides the capacity and performance you need for both today and tomorrow. It is a turnkey solution with the features, performance, and scalability of an enterprise-grade system, sized and priced for smaller workgroups and organizations. Integrated storage tiering efficiently moves less-frequently used data to the cloud or other archive tiers to drive down the cost of long-term storage and preserve valuable free space in Xcellis Foundation.

The system comes in one of three QXS 3-Series RAID chassis storage capacity options (see QXS-312 RAID Chassis – Front) connected via 10 GbE using the iSCSI protocol, and a pre-installed StorNext NAS license.

StorNext Connect, which is used to perform initial configuration of the system, provides ongoing, holistic monitoring of your entire StorNext environment after initial configuration.