About the aiWARE for Xcellis Standard and High Performance Systems

aiWARE for Xcellis Standard and High Performance systems are single server appliances that support the aiWARE virtual environment for media asset processing.

The system utilizes the artificial intelligence (AI) cognitive analytics technology of Veritone’s aiWARE software and the data management capability of StorNext to create a powerful set of tools to derive additional value from your data.

The aiWARE software is designed for on-prem deployment, and operates behind enterprise firewalls, enabling you to exploit Veritone's cognitive engine ecosystem and applications to extract intelligence from content residing on local and private cloud storage.

By combining StorNext with the aiWARE software, the result is a solution that has the ability to search and analyze huge amounts of digital assets quickly, accelerate indexing and metadata tagging of audio and video content while providing near real-time processing for both new and archival content. This solution also reduces errors and labor by leveraging programmatic indexing of video and audio content and dramatically increase the types of metadata tagged to further monetize assets for sponsors and advertisers.

Similar to Xcellis Workflow Extender (R630) systems, the server operates as a StorNext client, but has no StorNext GUI, and does not host StorNext Connect, and is also not supported by the StorNext Connect Install App. Installation is performed by Quantum or Quantum partners only.