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This Documentation Center supports Xcellis Foundation, aiWARE for Xcellis, Xcellis Workflow Director (R630), Artico (R630), and Xcellis Workflow Extender (R630) systems.

Artico and Xcellis Workflow Extender systems are supported on two different generations of server hardware. See Artico (R520) or Xcellis Workflow Extender (R520) if your server looks like this:

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  • StorNext 6.0.1 is now released and available for Xcellis | Artico systems. Learn more about StorNext 6.0.1. (Look for the "Product Updates" section of the page.)
  • New to StorNext Connect? Learn more about this software interface!
  • If you're unfamiliar with your system hardware, see Product Overviews.
  • See User Interfaces for your system, to learn more about the software interfaces available.

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