StorNext Appliances iSCSI

The Appliance Controller's iSCSI feature provides iSCSI network connectivity between an CentOS7-based Xcellis Workflow Director, Xcellis Foundation, or Artico (initiator) and QXS Storage Arrays (targets). You can use this new feature for additional iSCSI storage on your QXS array.

You must be running Appliance Controller or later and StorNext Platform or later to use the iSCSI feature.

Supported Hardware Configurations

This iSCSI feature supports the following hardware configurations.

Important Considerations

  • Use the dual-port 10 GbE NICs on the server nodes exclusively for your iSCSI connections. For your initial installation, the dual-port 10 GbE NICs must use slot 3.
  • Because StorNext networking masks the dual-port 10 GbE NICs, you must use the iSCSI functions in the Appliance Controller Console or the StorNext Connect Install App to configure external networking.
  • If your 10GbE switch has port VLAN creation functionality, you can create a port VLAN for all switch ports connected to the server ports and QXS array ports. The port VLAN provides isolation of iSCSI traffic from the rest of the switch traffic.