Upgrade to NAS 1.4.0.x

Feature Upgrade Packages

Prior to the Appliance Controller 1.4.1 release, all upgrade packages are specific to StorNext NAS and are referred to accordingly within this documentation center. Beginning with the Appliance Controller 1.4.1 release, upgrade packages encompass all Appliance Controller features and are referred to as Appliance Controller upgrades within this documentation center.

You can upgrade individual systems directly fromStorNext NAS 1.2.5 to StorNext NAS 1.4.0.x. However, to upgrade NAS clusters to 1.4.0.x, we strongly recommend upgrading to 1.3.0 first. StorNext NAS 1.3.0 provides the automatic NAS cluster upgrade feature, allowing you to upgrade an entire NAS cluster with one command. See Upgrades.


IMPORTANT Upgrade Information