Upgrade to NAS 1.3.0

Feature Upgrade Packages

Prior to the Appliance Controller 1.4.1 release, all upgrade packages are specific to StorNext NAS and are referred to accordingly within this documentation center. Beginning with the Appliance Controller 1.4.1 release, upgrade packages encompass all Appliance Controller features and are referred to as Appliance Controller upgrades within this documentation center.


You must be running version 1.2.5 of StorNext NAS before upgrading to StorNext NAS 1.3.0.

After you have upgraded to StorNext NAS 1.2.5, you can perform the StorNext NAS 1.3.0 upgrade.


  • You must be on StorNext NAS 1.2.5 or later and StorNext 5.3.1 or later to upgrade to the StorNext NAS 1.3.0. See Which Version Am I Running?
  • You need either to be logged in as the sysadmin user or issue the su -sysadmin command to complete the system upgrade.
  • If you want to perform a local upgrade, you will need to download the upgrade bundle. Contact Quantum Service and Support (http://www.quantum.com/serviceandsupport/get-help/index.aspx#contact-support).
  • You must configure your server to resolve all IP addresses to hostnames, including the NAS cluster's VIP. Otherwise, the NAS nodes will not be able to recognize other nodes nor the VIP, and the NAS cluster cannot join. For additional information, see Resolve IP Addresses into Hostnames.

Additional Upgrade Information

  • When you upgrade to StorNext NAS 1.3.0, your Samba version will automatically update to version 4.2.
  • Keep in mind that you will perform all configuration tasks from the Appliance Controller Console. To log in to the controller console, see Access the Appliance Controller Console.
  • Each node generally takes less than 5 minutes to complete the upgrade, and in many cases, each node will complete the upgrade between 30 seconds and 1 minute. Because the upgrade process could briefly interrupt access, we recommend performing an upgrade when minimal disruption to file access will occur.